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Termite Solutions

Termites Apopke, FloridaDo You Know What These Are Capable Of?

Termite colonies can range from 10,000 insects to a million.  They can reached your home from over a half-acre away.  There are, broadly speaking, three groups of termites in the U.S. that damage homes: subterranean, drywood and dampwood termites. The first two are the most damaging to buildings.  A subterranean termite colony with 70,000 workers.  Could eat about 1/5 of an ounce of wood a day each. At this rate the colony could almost consume a pine 2X4 board in 180 days. An average-sized eastern subterranean colony contains about 400,000 workers. Laboratory studies suggest that a colony of this size can consume approximately 26 linear feet of a 2X4 in one year.

Do You Have a Termite Problem?

All Seasons Pest Control, Inc. has the solution for you. We start out by inspecting your entire home or office with our certified termite technician.  We have over 35 years termite experience to determine the extent of activity and damage. Once we have inspected your home or office a customized treatment will be planned. Your termite treatment could include moisture control, wood elimination, Termidor® liquid, foams or Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System. These treatments can be used separately or in combination with one another.

Protection System

Termidor® has been tested and proven to be 100% effective against termites for ten years, (compared to the other termiticide barriers that only last three to five years), and is completely odorless. Its unique ingestion, contact, and transfer effect manage colonies in three months or less. It is virtually undetectable by termites, so they forage freely in a treated area, carry it back to the colony, and infect the others, which will eventually lead to elimination.

The Exterra Interception and Baiting System are stations that are installed every 15 feet around your entire home or office to help intercept termites as they forage for food. Once termites intercept stations, bait is added and termites will begin to feed on the bait and slowly die, which will eventually eliminate the colony.

For more information or to schedule a peace of mind inspection for your home or office, contact us or call 407.886.0204

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