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Rodent Exclusion

RodentsDo You Know What These Are Capable Of?

Rats are capable of transmitting disease to man and livestock and also can cause damage to food stuffs and buildings.  Rats can breed even more efficiently than rabbits and large infestations can quickly develop if not controlled. Rats are capable of reproducing at about 3 months of age.  After mating pregnancy lasts for 21-24 days and averaging 6-11 young rats in a litter.


Proactive Control

To prevent rodents from infesting your area.  Keep gardens clean and tidy, cutting back overgrown areas to minimise harbourage.  If feeding wild birds, store food in containers, ensuring rats cannot reach the food. Any uneaten food will encourage rats and other rodents.  Inspect your property ensuring that there are no entry holes for rats to gain access into your home, ie. around waste pipes from the kitchen and bathrooms, central heating pipes and air vents.


Protection System

Our rodent / squirrel service includes a complete inspection of the inside of your home or office for evidence of rodents and a complete inspection of the outside to find entry ways. Upon inspection our trained technicians will evaluate what type of rodents you have and establish a control plan. Our plan could consist of bait placement and/or traps in and around the structure and sealing any and all entry ways.


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