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Most people who own pets have problems with fleas. Food, shelter, and warmth are three essentials fleas need for survival. Homes with a pet, carpeting,and central heating provide all three. Although fleas are present year-round, they are most obvious during warm weather, seeming to disappear with the onset of winter. Controlling fleas begins with an understanding of their life cycle.


 Signs of Infestation

Check your pets for fleas. Especially look in areas that the pet is unable to reach very well, such as around the ears and under the upper part of the legs.  Walk across your carpets and around your home in white socks. Fleas love to hitch a ride. They jump on pets or even you when you are outside and ride into the house. Once there they will start breeding and living on the pets and in the flooring and carpets, drapes. A house is a pretty big place to a flea and they will jump on whoever is passing by. When you walk through in white socks, you will see the black or brown fleas against the white socks when they jump on.



Services We Offer


All Seasons Pest Control Inc's 11-step Once A Year +1 Pest Control Service


Complete inspection inside and outside your home or office

Treatment of door frames, door thresholds, window casings and eaves

Treatment of cracks and crevices in kitchen and bathrooms

Treatment behind and under cabinets

Treatment of garage, patio and utility rooms

Inspection of attic, crawl spaces and other dark places. Treatment if needed.

Treatment under and behind major appliances

Treatment of wall voids when accessible, light switches and plumbing areas.

Exterior caulking of cracks and crevices where pests might enter as needed

Treatment of mulch or turf areas outside around home or building

Exterior spider web and wasp nest removal


For more information or to schedule a peace of mind inspection for your home, contact us or call 407.886.0204


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